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Disaster Response

 Millions of people get displaced by 100 floods, earthquakes, storms, wildfires each year. 

Our campaign is to engineer,  build and deploy rapid response shelters to first responders and victims of natural disasters. 


Instant Shelter

Our shelters are designed for deployment to disaster zones around the world within hours of a catastrophic event.

  tʰu̟ shelters provide instant protection from wind, rain, fire, afterquakes, rodents, predators - much quicker and safer than tents.

Two people can set up the safe tʰu̟ shelter in seconds.


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If you agree that first responders and victims of natural disasters must have a safe & dry roof over their head just hours after disaster strikes, please contribute to our Indiegogo campaign today.

Your contribution of as little as $5 helps humans in need.

Contribute now


Help us make instant shelters for humans in need

Your contribution supports our tʰu̟ launch. It is our goal to make safe, ultra-mobile shelters to support first responders, volunteers and humans displaced by natural disasters within hours, not days.

Visit https://igg.me/at/THUshelter and click the "BACK IT" button to contribute as little as $5 today.

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Please visit our campaign site at  https://igg.me/at/THUshelter  and click the 'BACK IT' button to contribute


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